Power Electronics

Design of electronic circuits and
electrical schematics

Electronic circuits design

The Power Electronics is also involved in the design of electronic circuits on demand. With many years of experience and the tools at our disposal we can achieve electronic devices, circuits or custom designs according to specific customer needs.

Schematic, study of the PCB master, prototyping, implementation and testing of the boards, characterization and industrialization are the typical activities of a project.

Design of electric circuits

Some examples of what has been achieved:

  • Discharge device for alternating currents (cathodic protection)
  • LED solar lanterns
  • Emergency light LED
  • special Power
  • Control devices for fuel cells
Avabile tools:
  • multimeters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum Analyzer and LISN
  • Signal Generators
  • High-energy pulse generator
  • ESD generator
  • Electronic loads
  • Laboratory Power Supplies
  • Programmable power sources
  • Gain Analyzer ring